Work programme

Read about our current work in progress.

Our work programme includes details about:

  • value for money examinations
  • local government studies, and
  • summary reports relating to work completed at bodies, including:
    • health
    • central government, and
    • local government. 

It also includes examinations completed in response to issues raised by the public through our audit work or with the Auditor General through correspondence

Our national work programme covers reports that we expected to publish through to late summer 2020. Our Annual Plan 2020-21 includes a list of other planned work.

We’re reviewing our work programme because of the wider COVID-19 situation. We’re continuing with work in progress as far as possible, working remotely and considering the impact of our work on public bodies at this difficult time.


Review of the refurbishment of Ysbyty Glan Clwyd
In Progress

This work looks at governance arrangements, rather than the technical aspects of the project. 

Our report considers how the project was planned and managed and explains the factors that led to it costing much more than had been expected. 

Better law-making
In Progress

This publication will highlight common themes on the challenges of carrying out new legislation.

This is based on four of our recent local government study reports:

  1. planning services
  2. the front door to adult social care
  3. public service boards, and 
  4. implementing the Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Act.


Public service boards – tackling rough sleeping
In Progress

We’re looking at whether public service board (PSB) partners are making a difference. Are they working together effectively, efficiently and economically to help people with complex needs?

Our work focuses on people sleeping rough in Wales. This follows on from our October 2019 review of PSBs.

NHS clinical coding
In Progress

Clinical coding involves the translation of health information, usually from medical records, into a code format that can be used to help plan and review health services.

We’ve examined how clinical coding is being completed at NHS bodies. This includes reviewing their progress with previous recommendations made in our 2014 audits. 

We’ll publish a national report to summarise what we found.

Local government – financial sustainability
In Progress

A national summary of local audit work during 2019-20 that looked at the short to medium term financial position of local councils.

Due to the ongoing situation regarding Covid-19 we have decided not to publish a national summary at this time. The details may be included in a report for similar work completed during 2020-21.

Collaborative arrangements for managing local public health resources
In Progress

We’re examining if NHS Wales has addressed issues we identified through previous local audit work at Public Health Wales NHS Trust. 

Our previous audit work looked at the collaborative arrangements for managing health improvement resources.

Elective NHS waiting times
In Progress

We’re reviewing progress with our 2015 report recommendations to improve how planned care is delivered. 

This includes an analysis of data on waiting times. 

Our work will look at the impact of COVID-19 on waiting times, including some of the new ways of working currently being put in place. We’ll identify learning and opportunities to do things differently once the pandemic is over or under control. 

We’re currently exploring options for joining up our reporting with our more detailed review of orthopaedic services.

Orthopaedic services
In Progress

We’re preparing another national summary report about local audit work completed in 2019-20.

In 2015, we published a report on orthopaedic services, which looked at local and national arrangements.

We found that services had become more efficient. But while there has been a focus on getting immediate reductions in waiting times, more sustainable, long-term solutions need attention. 

Counter fraud arrangements in the Welsh public sector
In Progress

A national summary following our counter-fraud arrangements report published in June 2019.

We’ve considered in more detail the counter-fraud arrangements that our audited bodies have in place.

Welsh Community Care Information System (WCCIS)
In Progress

This study is reviewing if arrangements are in place to deliver the system and its benefits.

The system should allow staff working in health and social care to deliver more efficient and effective services using a single system and a shared electronic record.

We’ve collected evidence from:

  • the Welsh Government
  • health boards
  • local authorities
  • the NHS Wales Informatics Service, and 
  • the contractor for the software development.
Covering teachers’ absence – follow up
In Progress

Our follow-up looks at whether actions have improved the management of teachers’ absence from the classroom since 2013.

We published our previous report on covering teachers’ absence in September 2013. 

Since then there have been two Assembly Committee inquiries, a review by Estyn and a Ministerial Taskforce report about this topic. All of which made recommendations to the Welsh Government, councils and schools. 


Ensuring value for money from Rural Development Programme grants
In Progress

Grants to projects under the Welsh Government’s £774 million ‘Rural Communities, Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020’ are usually awarded following processes involving open competition. These processes ensure funding goes to the projects most likely to deliver value for money. 

However, the Welsh Government granted £130 million to projects without competition. We sampled £89 million of these awards to check if the Welsh Government took any alternative steps to ensure value for money. We did not review the projects themselves.