The role of scrutiny in relation to the WFG Act

The role of scrutiny in relation to the WFG Act

In partnership with the WLGA, Welsh Government, Welsh NHS Confederation, the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner and Good Practice Wales we held a free event with the aim of considering Governance under the Well-being of Future Generations Act. 

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This event formed part of our ongoing programme focusing on different elements of governance. Previous events include:

The focus of this seminar was on the implications of the WFG Act for scrutiny and non-executive functions and the role that this played in the overall governance framework of public bodies. This seminar was aimed at key groups of officers and members from across the 44 bodies that come under the Act and members/non execs with direct responsibility for scrutinising executive functions.

Walking away from this seminar, delegates would have gained an understanding of the implications of the WFG Act for those that scrutinise public services, particularly in relation to the five ways of working. 

Who the seminar was aimed at 

This seminar was aimed at public sector members, managers and officers; including:

  • Chairs and vice-chairs of scrutiny and audit committees;
  • Leaders and cabinet members; 
  • Chief Executives and Senior Leadership Teams
  • Non- executive Board Members and Secretaries 
  • Scrutiny Officers 


Plenary slides from the day [PDF 249KB opens in new window]

Social media 

Workshop 1 outputs - Environment [PDF 255KB opens in new window]


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16 January 2018
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