Staff Trust – A key component in successful public service reform

Staff Trust – A key component in successful public service reform

A free shared learning seminar for public service leaders of change.

We all know the importance of trust in our personal relationships. This equally applies to professional relationships. In the next few years, public services in Wales are going to undergo major change. The link between trust and its impact on public service staff cannot be underestimated. Or, the old adage, ‘low trust costs you money!’

Working with Good Practice Wales, we held a free seminar featuring Professor Ros Searle of Coventry University [Opens in new window] who has developed a trust model based on extensive academic research as well as examples of the impact of trust on professional relationships during periods of change in public services.

The seminar shared the theory and practical case studies from public studies in England and Scotland.

Who the event was aimed at

This seminar was aimed at public and third sector leaders in roles responsible for:

  • strategic leadership
  • directing change
  • implementing change
  • project managing change
  • HR leadership teams
  • change management


  1. Why trust matters and its retention in times of crisis [PDF 1.6MB Opens in new window] - Professor Rosalind Searle, University of Coventry
  2. The importance of blending cultures - Sue Holden, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  3. Leading staff through organisational change [PDF 117KB Opens in new window] - Sue Stanhope, Sunderland Council
  4. Leading your team through Business Change Impacts [PDF 1.24MB Opens in new window] - Mike Blakeney and Stephen Townsend, Project Management Institute
  5. The pivotal role of the leader - Professor Rosalind Searle, University of Coventry

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17 September 2015
24 September 2015
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