Bridgend County Borough Council

The Auditor General for Wales' opinion is that the financial statements give a TRUE and FAIR view of the Council's finances.


The Auditor general certified the Council’s 2019-20 financial statements with an unqualified audit opinion. In doing so the Auditor General raised an emphasis of matter narrative with regard to material uncertainty, due to the pandemic, in respect of property assets within the pension fund. 
While the Council is facing financial challenges it continued to have a strong balance sheet position as at 31 March 2020. 
The Council’s 2019-20 deficit on provision of services was £13.5m, being £5.1m higher than the previous year’s deficit.
In 2019-20 the Council incurred pandemic-related expenditure of £271k, with the level of pandemic-related expenditure significantly increasing during 2020-21.

Funding and Spending

£-38.4 million surplus income
How is the Council funded?
£438.5 Million
Main groupings of income
Amount of income in particular area
How much has Bridgend County Borough Council spent?
£476.9 Million
Total: £476.9 Million
A breakdown of the Total Other column in the above chart:
Total Other £ Million
Education and Family Support £164.4 Million
Social Services and Wellbeing £99.5 Million
Communities £53.9 Million
Chief Executives £74.4 Million
Council Wide Services £18.4 Million
Precepts and Levies £23.5 Million
Interest Payable £12 Million
Impairment £4.5 Million
Actuarial Gains £7.3 Million
Total: £19 Million


Staff Costs £178 Million
Wage variances
Number of employees whose remuneration is over £60,000 per annum 84
Median remuneration £21,166
Highest paid Director £132,099
Ratio between the Council’s highest paid employee and the median position 6.28:1
Termination - number 36
Termination - value 1,001,000

What they own

£599 Million
Total Assets£599 Million
Property, Plant and Equipment£522.9 Million
Investment Property£4.6 Million
Debtors £36.3 Million
Short Term Investments£25.1 Million
Cash and Cash Equivalents£3.6 Million
Other Assets £6.5 Million
Property, Plant and Equipment Breakdown

What they owe

£447.3 Million

Borrowing - long term

£97.4 Million

Borrowing - short term

£0.9 Million