Denbighshire County Council

The Auditor General for Wales' opinion is that the financial statements give a TRUE and FAIR view of the Council's finances.


The council has maintained a sustainable financial position to date but will need to continue to deliver savings to meet anticipated budget pressures. The council has identified budget savings of £4.4m for the 2020/21 financial year and projections for future years. 
The Council spent £34m acquiring new property, plant and equipment and maintaining and enhancing existing assets. 
The Council's outstanding debt at 31st March 2020 was £256.1m, investment balances were £22.9m and a further £6.0m was held in a bank account. 
The council established a wholly owned trading company known as Denbighshire Leisure Ltd in 2019. The company became operational in April 2020. 
The Auditor General's opinion drew attention to potential uncertainty in the valuation of property assets and also pooled proprety assets which are part of the pension fund liability balance due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Funding and Spending

£-151.3 million surplus income
How is the Council funded?
£223.3 Million
Main groupings of income
Amount of income in particular area
How much has Denbighshire County Council spent?
£374.6 Million
Total: £374.6 Million
A breakdown of the Total Other column in the above chart:
Total Other £ Million
Employee Benefits Expenses £148 Million
Employee Expenses of V A Schools £5.3 Million
Other Service Expenses £155.2 Million
Depreciation, Impairment and Revaluation Losses £30.3 Million
Interest Payments £17.8 Million
Precepts and Levies £18 Million
Total: £33.9 Million


Staff Costs £148.3 Million
Wage variances
Number of employees whose remuneration is over £60,000 per annum 45
Median remuneration £22,911
Highest paid Director £129,694
Ratio between the Council’s highest paid employee and the median position 5.66:1
Termination - number 57
Termination - value 697,458

What they own

£619.7 Million
Total Assets£619.7 Million
Property, Plant and Equipment£533.2 Million
Investment Property£7.6 Million
Debtors £33.6 Million
Short Term Investments£22.9 Million
Cash and Cash Equivalents£3.6 Million
Other Assets £18.8 Million
Property, Plant and Equipment Breakdown

What they owe

£583.4 Million

Borrowing - long term

£38 Million

Borrowing - short term

£215.2 Million