Neath Port Talbot Council

The Auditor General for Wales' opinion is that the financial statements give a TRUE and FAIR view of the Council's finances.


The Auditor General issued an unqualified opinion on his audit of Neath Port Talbot Council.
The Auditor General's opinion drew attention to a potential uncertainty in the valuation of UK property fund assets which are part the pension fund balance due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Neath Port Talbot Council prepared its draft financial statements by 29 May 2020 which was 2 weeks before the statutory deadline of 15 June 2020.
The Council has maintained a sustainable financial position to date, it has a good track record of delivering services within agreed budgets and achieved the majority of its planned savings.
The Council invested £34.6m in property, plant and equipment in 2019-20, progressing the 21st Century schools programme and regeneration projects as well as other capital improvements.

Funding and Spending

£-76.1 million surplus income
How is the Council funded?
£480.3 Million
Main groupings of income
Amount of income in particular area
How much has Neath Port Talbot Council spent?
£556.4 Million
Total: £556.4 Million
A breakdown of the Total Other column in the above chart:
Total Other £ Million
Education, Leisure and Lifelong Learning £174.6 Million
Social Services, Health and Housing £121.9 Million
Environment £89.8 Million
Corporate Services £26.6 Million
Other Housing Services £45.7 Million
Other Central Services £18 Million
Community Counil Precepts £2 Million
Precepts and Levies (Poilce and Fire) £19.7 Million
Interest Payable £22.8 Million
Losses on Disposal and Impairment of Non Current Assets £0.4 Million
Total: £34.9 Million


Staff Costs £201.7 Million
Wage variances
Number of employees whose remuneration is over £60,000 per annum 93
Median remuneration £23,369
Highest paid Director £142,485
Ratio between the Council’s highest paid employee and the median position 6:1
Termination - number 64
Termination - value 1,126,000

What they own

£819.8 Million
Total Assets£819.8 Million
Property, Plant and Equipment£709.1 Million
Heritage Assets£1.2 Million
Assets Held for Sale£42.8 Million
Investments£57.4 Million
Cash and Cash Equivalents£3.3 Million
Inventories£0.7 Million
Property, Plant and Equipment Breakdown

What they owe

£869.4 Million

Borrowing - long term

£297.1 Million

Borrowing - short term

£13.7 Million